By virtue of our extensive database, Stonebridge is able to reach a vast audience and bring increased visibility to publicly-traded companies. We work with companies on the TSX and Frankfurt Exchange and, as well, have been retained by those trading on the NYSE-ASE, NASDAQ, Bulletin Board, and the Pink Sheets. Our database in the United States, Canada and Europe is far-reaching, particularly in England and Germany, and as you seek more visibility and volume in your company, our specific expertise in the opt-in email format may assist you to facilitate that goal.

During the past few years, our programs have assisted companies similar to yours to broaden their investor base and increase their visibility, which has in numerous cases resulted in additional stockholders, a higher stock price and increased volume. Our success in maintaining volume with companies such as Allana Potash (AAA) and Isign Media (ISD) speaks well of our approach: sending mailers to millions of investors worldwide who have opted-in to receive the company’s information.

The success of our email programs has been favorably reflected by the results of several companies we have worked with.
American Community Development Corp. (ACYD.PK), which started the program at 1¢ per share, has traded as high as 4½¢ with increased volume.

At the beginning of this past January, we began a program with Universal Bioenergy (UBRG.PK), when it was trading at 1½¢ per share with minimum volume. On the 28th of February, the company set a new record: 27 million shares traded, representing an increase of 140%.

Our program with Prophecy Platinum Corp. (NKL.TSX) began when their stock was 70¢ per share with minimum volume. Currently, the shares are trading around $3.00 with significantly increased volume.

Metals Creek Resources (MEK.TSX) was trading at 5½¢ per share, with very limited volume, when we started a program with the company at the beginning of this past February. In mid-February, the company traded 16 million shares at a high of 16½¢ per share.

Our program with Acorn Energy (ACFN NASDAQ) started at the beginning of July, 2011 when their stock was $3.30 per share with minimum volume. Currently, the stock is trading over $8.00.

Our program for Nemaska Exploration (NMX.TSX) began last year, when the stock was trading at 37¢ per share. The stock quickly traded as high as 50¢ per share with increased volume.

Isign Media (ISD.TSX) began a program on 9 December 2011 when its stock traded, with low volume, at 28½¢; the shares have recently traded, with significantly increased volume, at 49¢.

Once you've had an opportunity to review this information, I would like to speak with you to discuss how we can assist in creating a mailer that would be customized to include specific information that you wish to disseminate to the public. Our website,, provides sample mailers that will give you a visual idea as to what we can create for your company.

We offer three programs to fit your needs:

110 million opt-in emails:  
50 million opt-in emails:  
 One-month program:   

We are pleased to provide the following references:

Matt Terriss, Director Of Investor Relations, Alto Ventures:
604 689 2599

John Folger, President, American Community Development:
727 277 8196

Alex Romanoff, President, Isign Media Solutions:
416 407 1035

Guy Bourassa, President/CEO, Nemaska Exploration:
418 704 6038

Claude Gendron, Consultant to Nemaska: 
514 779 2871

Sandy Stares, President and CEO, Metals Creek Resources:
709 256 6060

Farhad Abasov, President & CEO, Allana Potash (AAA) and Rodinia (RM):
416 861 2260.

Leonard MacMillan, Max Resources:
604 880 7924

I look forward to discussing with you how we can potentially increase your company’s investor base with a customized e-mail program.


 Don Jackler
Stonebridge Holdings, Inc.
212 813 0047